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'Combat Rock' Cover Art

'Combat Rock', written by Mick Lewis, features the Second Doctor, Jamie and Victoria.

Back Cover Blurb

When 400-year-old tribal mummies inexplicably return to life and begin murdering touristson an exotic alien island, the Doctor's iitial urge to investigate lands himself, Jamie and Victoria right in the middle of a jungle holocaust.

Ferocious cannibals and deadly beasts stalk the swamps, mummies lurk amongst the trees and the peaceful, civilised locals are reverting to long-forgotten head-hunting practices. Something is giving a clarion call to savagery, something that can only be found in the deepest darkness at the heart of the hostile rainforest.

It could well be the end of the river for the TARDIS companions as they fidn themselves involved in a horrific jungle conflict between desperate guerrilla tribesmen and merciless colonial forces. Canniblaism could be the least of theri worries as evil stirs the pot and the dead reach for the living...