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'Legacy of the Daleks', written by John Peel, features the Eighth Doctor and Sam.

Back Cover Blurb

England in the 22nd century is slowly recovering from the devastation that followed the Daleks' invasion. The Doctor's very first travelling companion - his granddaughter, Susan - is where he left her, helping to reuild Earth for the survivors. But danger still remains all around.

While searching for his lost companion, Sam, the Doctor finds himself in Domain London. But it seems that Susan is now missing too, and his efforst to find her lead to confrontation with the ambitious Lord Haldoran, whi is poised to take control of southern England through all-out war. With the help of a sinister adviser, Haldoran's plans are already well advanded. Power cables have been fed down a mineshaft, reactivating a mysterious old device of hideous power. But has the dalek presence on Earth really been wiped out? or are there still traps set for the unwary?

The Doctor learns to his cost once again that when dealing with the evil of the Daleks, nothing can be taken at face value...