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'Mad Dogs and Englishmen', written by Paul Magrs, features the Eighth Doctor, Fitz Kreiner, and Anji Kapoor.

Back Cover Blurb


The greatest book ever written.

Professor Reginald Tyler's The True History of Planets was a twentieth century classic; an epic of dwarves and swords and wizardry. And definitely no poodles. Or at least there weren't when the Doctor read it.

Now it tells the true tale of how the Queen of the poodles was overthorn; it's been made into a hit movie, and it's going to cause a bloodbath on the Dogworld - unless the Doctor Fitz and Anji (and assorted friends) can sort it all out.

The Doctor infiltrates the Smudgelings, Tyler's elite Cambridge writing set of the early twentieth century; Fitz falls for flamboyant torch singer Brenda Soobie in sicities Las Vegas, and Anji experiences some very special effects in seventies Hollywood. their intention is to prevent the movie from ever being made. but there is a ashadowy figure present in all three time zones who is just as determined to see it completed... so the poodle revolution can begin.