Doctor Who Title Image Spinning Tardis Image Parallel 59

'Parallel 59' Cover Art

'Parallel 59', written by Natalie Daggaire & Stephen Cole, features the Eighth Doctor and Fitz Kreiner.

Back Cover Blurb

Fleeing a doomed space station in tiny life capsules, the Doctor and Compassion find themselves prisoners of Parallel 59, a militaristic power on the planet Skale. Meanwhile Fiz finds himself apparently safe in Mechta, a colony for convalescents.

A Space-race is in full swing on Skale, with each of the planet's many blocs desperate to be the first to reach the stars. If the Doctor's knowledge helps Parallel 59 succees, the consequences for the rest of the world could be devastating.

But Fitz knows nothing of his friends predicament. Enjoying his new life, he's not even sure he wants to be rescued - which is a good thing.

Becaues the Doctor has no intention of going to Mechta. he's decreed that Fitz's new found utopia must be totally destroyed.