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'The Slow Empire' Cover Art

'The Slow Empire', written by Dave Stone, features the Eighth Doctor, Fitz Kreiner, and Anji Kapoor.

Back Cover Blurb

Enter, with the Doctor, Anji and Fitz, and Empire where the laws of physics are quite preposterous - notheing can travel faster than the speed of light and time travel is impossible.

A thousand worlds, each believing tehy are the Centre, each under a malign contral of which they themselves are completely unaware.

As the only beings able to travel between the worlds instantaneously, the Doctor and his friends must piece together the Imperial puzzle and decide what should be done. The soldiers of the Ambassadorial Corps are always, somehow, hard on their heels. Their own minds are busily fragmenting under metaemporal stresses. And their only allies are a man who might not be quite what he seems (and says sos at great length) and a creature we sha merely call... the Collector.