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'The Turing Test' Cover Art

'The Turing Test', written by Paul Leonard, features the Eighth Doctor, Fitz Kreiner, and Anji Kapoor.

Back Cover Blurb

The Second World War is drawing to a close. Alan Turing, the code breaker who has been critical to the allied war effort, is called in to break a mysterious new cypher. It's coming from Germany, and everyone assumes it is German - everyone except Turing's new friend, the Doctor. Indeeed it seems the Doctor knows too much about the code, and the code makres 0 and when people start to die, even Turing wonders if the Doctor is the one to blame.

Graham Greene, novelist and spymaster, has also encounterred the Doctor, and thinks he's a rum ennough chap, but in a remote African village he has encountered something far stranger.

To find out the truth, they must all cross the front line and travel through occupied Germany - right into the firing line of the bloodiest war in history. What they find there has no human explanation - and on ly the Doctor has the answers. Or maybe ther're just more questions...