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Stories featuring Colin Baker's Doctor
  1. Twin Dilemma (TV)
  2. Attack of the Cyberman (TV)
  3. Vengence on Varos (TV)
  4. Burning Heart (Virgin)
  5. Grave Matter (BBC)
  6. Mark of The Rani (TV)
  7. Players (BBC)
  8. Two Doctors (TV)
  9. Timelash (TV)
  10. Revelation of the Daleks (TV)
  11. The Nightmare Fair (TV unmade)
  1. Ultimate Evil (TV unmade)
  2. Mission to Magnus (TV unmade)
  3. Slipback (Radio)
  4. State of Change (Virgin)
  5. Palace of the Red Sun (BBC)
  6. Blue Box (BBC)
  7. Synthespianstm (BBC)
  8. Trial of a Timelord: Mysterious Planet (TV)
  9. Trial of a Timelord: Mindwarp (TV)
  10. Time of Your Life (Virgin)
  1. Killing Ground (Virgin)
  2. Mission: Impracticle (BBC)
  3. The Shadow in the Glass (BBC)
  4. Trial of a Timelord: Terror of the Vervoids (TV)
  5. Trial of a Timelord: The Ultimate Foe (TV)
  6. Millennial Rites (Virgin)
  7. Business Unusual (BBC)
  8. The Quantum Archangel (BBC)
  9. Instruments of Darkness (BBC)
  10. Spiral Scratch (BBC)

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