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Stories featuring Christopher Eccleston's Doctor
  1. Rose (TV)
  2. The End of the World (TV)
  3. The Unquiet Dead (TV)
  4. Aliens of London Pt. 1 (TV)
  5. World War Three Pt. 2 (TV)
  6. Dalek (TV)
  7. The Long Game (TV)
  1. Father's Day (TV)
  2. The Clockwise Man (BBC)
  3. The Monsters Inside (BBC)
  4. Winner Takes All (BBC)
  5. The Empty Child Pt. 1(TV)
  6. The Doctor Dances Pt. 2 (TV)
  7. Boom Town (TV)
  1. The Deviant Strain (BBC)
  2. Only Human (BBC)
  3. The Stealers of Dreams (BBC)
  4. Bad Wolf Pt. 1 (TV)
  5. The Parting of the Ways Pt. 2 (TV)

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