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'The Auton Invasion' Cover Art 'The Auton Invasion' Cover Art 'The Auton Invasion' Cover Art
'Spearhead from Space' DVD Cover

The novelistation of 'Spearhead from Space' was re-titled 'The Auton Invasion' and was written by Terrance Dicks

Back Cover Blurb

In this, the first adventure of his third 'incarnation', Doctor Who, Liz Shaw, and the Brigadier grapple with the nightmarish invasion of the Autons - living, giant-sized, plastic-modelled 'humans' with no hair and sightless eyes; waxwork replicas and tailors' dummied whose murderous behaviour is directed by the Nestene Consciousness - a malignant, squid-like monster of cosmic proportions and indescribably hideous appearance.