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Stories featuring Jon Pertwee's Doctor
  1. Spearhead from Space (TV)
  2. Silurians (TV)
  3. Ambassadors of Death (TV)
  4. Inferno (TV)
  5. The Eye of the Giant (Virgin)
  6. The Scales of Injustice (Virgin)
  7. The Devil Goblins from Neptune (BBC)
  8. Terror of the Autons (TV)
  9. Mind of Evil (TV)
  10. Claws of Axos (TV)
  11. Colony in Space (TV)
  12. Dæmons (TV)
  13. Day of the Daleks (TV)
  14. The Face of the Enemy (BBC)
  1. Curse of Peladon (TV)
  2. Harvest of Time (BBC)
  3. Sea Devils (TV)
  4. Mutants (TV)
  5. Time Monster (TV)
  6. Three Doctors (TV)
  7. The Wages of Sin (BBC)
  8. Carnival of Monsters (TV)
  9. Frontier in Space (TV)
  10. Planet of the Daleks (TV)
  11. Dancing the Code (Virgin)
  12. Speed of Flight (Virgin)
  13. Catastrophea (BBC)
  14. Last of the Gaderene (BBC)
  1. Verdigris (BBC)
  2. Rags (BBC)
  3. The Suns of Caresh (BBC)
  4. Deadly Reunion (BBC)
  5. Green Death (TV)
  6. Time Warrior (TV)
  7. The Paradise of Death (Radio)
  8. Invasion of the Dinosaurs (TV)
  9. Death to the Daleks (TV)
  10. The Ghosts of N-Space (Virgin)
  11. Monster of Peladon (TV)
  12. Amorality Tale (BBC)
  13. Island of Death (BBC)
  14. Planet of the Spiders (TV)

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