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Stories featuring Matt Smith's Doctor
  1. The Eleventh Hour (TV)
  2. The Beast Below (TV)
  3. Victory of the Daleks (TV)
  4. Apollo 23 (BBC)
  5. Night of the Humans (BBC)
  6. The Forgotten Army (BBC)
  7. The Coming of the Terraphiles (BBC)
  8. The Time of the Angels Pt. 1 (TV)
  9. Flesh and Stone Pt. 2 (TV)
  10. The Vampires of Venice (TV)
  11. Amy's Choice (TV)
  12. The Hungry Earth Pt. 1 (TV)
  13. Cold Blood Pt. 2 (TV)
  14. Nuclear Time (BBC)
  15. The King's Dragon (BBC)
  16. The Glamour Chase (BBC)
  17. Dead of Winter (BBC)
  18. The Way Through the Woods (BBC)
  19. Hunter's Moon (BBC)
  20. Touched by an Angel (BBC)
  21. Paradox Lost (BBC)
  1. Borrowed Time (BBC)
  2. The Silent Stars Go By (BBC)
  3. Vincent and the Doctor (TV)
  4. The Lodger (TV)
  5. The Pandorica Opens Pt. 1 (TV)
  6. The Big Bang Pt. 2 (TV)
  7. A Christmas Carol (TV)
  8. The Impossible Astronaut Pt. 1 (TV)
  9. Day of the Moon Pt. 2 (TV)
  10. The Curse of the Black Spot (TV)
  11. The Doctor's Wife (TV)
  12. The Rebel Flesh Pt. 1 (TV)
  13. The Almost People Pt. 2 (TV)
  14. A Good Man Goes to War (TV)
  15. Let's Kill Hitler (TV)
  16. Night Terrors (TV)
  17. The Girl Who Waited (TV)
  18. The God Complex (TV)
  19. Closing Time (TV)
  20. The Wedding of River Song (TV)
  21. Dark Horizons (BBC)
  1. The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe (TV)
  2. Asylum of the Daleks (TV)
  3. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship (TV)
  4. A Town Called Mercy (TV)
  5. The Power of Three (TV)
  6. The Angels Take Manhattan (TV)
  7. Plague of the Cybermen (Broadway)
  8. Dalek Generation (Broadway)
  9. The Snowmen (TV)
  10. The Bells of Saint John (TV)
  11. The Rings of Akhaten (TV)
  12. Cold War (TV)
  13. Hide (TV)
  14. Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS (TV)
  15. Shroud of Sorrow (Broadway)
  16. The Crimson Horror (TV)
  17. Nightmare in Silver (TV)
  18. The Name of the Doctor (TV)
  19. The Day of the Doctor (TV)
  20. Tales of Trenzalore (BBC)
  21. The Time of the Doctor (TV)
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