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Stories featuring Patrick Troughton's Doctor
  1. Power of the Daleks (TV)
  2. Invasion of the Cat-People (Virgin)
  3. The Murder Game (BBC)
  4. Dying in the Sun (BBC)
  5. Highlanders (TV)
  6. Underwater Menace (TV)
  7. Moonbase (TV)
  8. Macra Terror (TV)
  9. The Roundheads (BBC)
  10. Faceless Ones (TV)
  11. Evil of the Daleks (TV)
  12. Tomb of the Cybermen (TV)
  13. Abominable Snowmen (TV)
  1. Ice Warriors (TV)
  2. Dreams of Empire (BBC)
  3. Enemy of the World (TV)
  4. Web of Fear (TV)
  5. Twilight of the Gods (Virgin)
  6. Dark Path (Virgin)
  7. Combat Rock (BBC)
  8. Fury from the Deep (TV)
  9. Downtime (Virgin)
  10. Wheel in Space (TV)
  11. Dominators (TV)
  1. Mind Robber (TV)
  2. Invasion (TV)
  3. Krotons (TV)
  4. Seeds of Death (TV)
  5. The Final Sanction (BBC)
  6. Space Pirates (TV)
  7. The Menagerie (Virgin)
  8. The Colony of Lies (BBC)
  9. The Indestructible Man (BBC)
  10. The Wheel of Ice (BBC)
  11. War Games (TV)
  12. World Game (BBC)

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