Doctor Who Title Image Spinning Tardis Image Delta and the Bannermen

Cover Art

The novelistation of 'Delta and the Bannermen' was written by Malcolm Kohll.

Back Cover Blurb

'You are the last survivor,' hissed Gavrok. 'But not for long..'

As the ten billionth customers at a space tollport the Doctor and Mel win the Grand Prize - a place on the Fabulous Fifties Coach Tour to Disneyland, Planet Earth. But knocked off course by a wayward satellite, the coach party arrives instead at Shangri-la, a remote Welsh holiday camp.

The peace and quiet of the countryside are soon shattered by the arrival of an army of marauding Bannermen solidiers, led by the ruthless Gavrok. They are tracking down Delta, the Chimeron Queen, with only one thought in mind.

Her destruction.