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Cover Art

The novelistation of 'Dragonfire' was written by Ian Briggs.

Back Cover Blurb

Kracauer smiled. 'Leave him. He's in the restricted zone. He's a dead man...'

When the Doctor and Mel arrive in the Space Trading Colony of Iceworld, the Doctor can feel that there is mischief affot. And he and Mel don't have to wait long before they discover the culprit, for there in the Refreshment Bar they met up with that old intergalactic rogue, Sabalom Glitz.

Down into the Ice Passages the go - through the Ice Garden, past the Siging Trees, beyond the Lake of Oblivion - in search of the Dragon's Treasure.

But only Kane, the most feared man in Iceworld, knows the secret of the Dragonfire...