Doctor Who Title Image Spinning Tardis Image The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

Cover Art

The novelistation of 'The Greatest Show in the Galaxy' was written by Stephen Wyatt.

Back Cover Blurb

Creepy. That's what Ace thinks of clowns. But the Doctor insists on entering the talent contest at the Psychic Circus, the self-proclaimed Greatest Show in the Galaxy, on the planet Segonax.

Waht has reduced Segonax to an arid wasteland? Why have the happy-go-lucky circus folk stayed here so long? And why are they no longer happy? ABove all, what is the dreadful truth about the "talent contest" run by the sinister Ringmaster and his robt clowns?

The Doctor and Ace need all their death-defying skills in the big top to uncover a brooding, ancient evil that has broken the spirit of the Circus and demanded the sacrifice of so many lives.