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'Speed of Flight', written by Paul Leonard, features the Third Doctor, Jo Grant, and Mike Yates.

Back Cover Blurb

'Those who are intelligent, strong, and virtuous are promoted. The stupid, the weak and the unworthy will die. how else is it possible for the world to make progress?'

The TARDIS lands on Nooma, a world in the midst of an industrial revolution. But the Doctor, Jo and Mike Yates quickly discover that therei is no limit to the upheaval. the sky is alive, and at war with the ground. The continents are on the move, competinf for a place under the sun. And somewhere, there is a starship...

Mike finds himself committed to a fight where his only option is to kill or be killed. Jo is caught in a workers' revolt. And the Doctor must find out what is really happening to Nooma before the struggle for survival kills the world and everyone on it.