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Cover Art

'Eternity Weeps', written by Jim Mortimore, features the Seventh Doctor and Chris.

Back Cover Blurb

'The flood is come! oh God save us all; the day of judgement is come!'

Turkey, 2003: Bernice and Jason join two rival expeditions attepmting to find Noah's Ark. While one team folows the Bible and its own beliefs, the other relies on more exact science - but both paths lead to the same revelation. And, as the region moves ever closer to war, they uncover the key to a timless mystery and a terrible secret.

The Doctor and Chris are called in to a situation fast getting out of control, as countless numbers flee a biological terror. The world is about to undergo a new genesis. While Chris gets himself a job with NASA, the Doctor must unravel the ties between Mount Ararat, the moon, and an encient exodus.

Mankind faces apocalypse. But can the aid of a far older race, alongside companions past and present, prevent the planet being twisted into the image of a long-dead world?