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Cover Art

'The Room with No Doors', written by Kate Orman, features the Seventh Doctor and Chris.

Back Cover Blurb

'Dear Doctor,' wrote Chris, 'I give up.'

Swordplay, samurai, demons, magic, aliens, adventure, excitment...Who needs them?

The Doctor and Chris travel to sixteenth-century Japan, a country gripped by civil war as feudal lords vie for control. Anything could tip the balance of power. So when a god falls out of the sky, everyone wants it.

As villagers are healed and crops grow far too fast, the Doctor and Chris try to find the secret of the miracles - before two rival armies can start a war over who owns the god.

Chris soon finds himself alone - except for an alien slaver, a time-travelling Victorian inventor, a gang of demons, and old friend with suspicious motives, a village ful of innocent bystanders, and several thousand samurai.

Without the Doctor, someone has to take up the challenge of adventure and stop the god falling into the wrong hadns. soeone has to be a hero - but Chris isn't sure he wants to be a hero any more.