Doom 2: Hell on Earth
Dafydd ab Hugh, Brad Linaweaver

Cover This book is pretty much what you'd expect. Bad writing, bad plot and bad characters, but it's still fun. It's fun because you have no expectation of great literature. It's mindless brain mush.

Flynn 'Fly' Taggart and Arlene Sanders, the sole survivors of the Marine expedition to rid Mars of it's monsters, return in this, the second Doom novel. Having conquered all the Spiderminds and Steamdemons on Phobos and Deimos they need to get back to Earth as the dome they are in is cracked and leaking air. Never to be daunted the two grunts build a rocket from spare parts lying around and fly it back to Erth, arriving slightly battered, but otherwise unharmed.

How can they fly back to Earth from Deimos in a jerry-built rocket? Because fortune is on their side and the monsters have shifted Deimos into an Earth orbit to use it as the staging platform for their invasion.

Flynn and Arlene arrive to a destroyed world. The monsters have taken over. There are a few pockets of human resistance looking for a way to defeat the invaders. The most organised one is in Hawaii. They encounter a smaller group in the desert, but this group can't get to Hawaii as the monsters have erected an energy field, which stops all aircraft.

Our intrepid Marines embark on a mission, with a couple of aides, to destroy the barrier and help overthrow the invaders. What ensues is a milieu of blood, carnage and death as they fight their way to the centre of the monsters' stronghold. Along they way all the nasties from the first and second Doom computer games are encountered, and slaughtered.

It's an all action book, but manages to maintain variety. The firefights don't become monotonous and boring. Amongst the action Dafydd and Brad have actually managed to squeeze in a bit of plot, more than I expected having played the computer games. The book ends at a cliff-hanging point, with slavering monsters at the door and no obvious way for Flynn and Arelene to survive.

I've given it 3 stars, because for your expectations of this book you won't be disappointed. It's fun.