Ferren and the Angel
Richard Harland


The People eke out a modest existence in a world destroyed by war. They survive between the warring factions of Heavenly Angels and Earthly Humen.

Into this conflict steps Ferran, a young residual of The People. He befriends the Angel Miriael who has crashed to earth. The Humen are looking for her and threaten The People in order to get her. Ferran helps her to escape and tries to help her get back to Heaven.

This is an interesting book. It's hard to decide whether it's fantasy or SF. The Angels are depicted in the classical sense as beings of spiritual energy with wings inhabiting the seven levels of Heaven. This is puts the book in the realms of fantasy. But then there are the Humen, ordinary human mortals who have developed cybernetic technology to an advanced degree in the last couple of thousand years. A purely science fiction dystopian society.

This book is a conflict between the science of the Humen, who want to destroy Heaven, and the spiritual powers of Heaven, who want to damn the Humen. Ferran and his People are the residual population left over from the war between Heaven and Earth.

The book is very easy and quick to read, probably because it is designed for the young adult market, but this does not mean the book is juvenile. Richard has envisioned a complex world a lot of which never gets feature in this book. He's left himself ample room for further stories set in the same universe. This is particularly evident in the final chapter (But I won't say what happens as it gives the plot away). There is a timeline at the start of the book that lists the events that happened to make the world as it is. All of it would make good stories as prequels to this one. It's mentioned that the entire Eurasian continent is on fire and has been for hundreds of years. It has little relevance to the story of Ferran, but is a small detail in the complex world Richard has created, and is one of the many points which could be expanded into a novel.

I hope you enjoyed my review. Have a nice day.

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