The Game from 7/3/04
White Black
01) Pawn to Queen's Bishop four 01) Knight to King's Bishop three
02) Pawn to King three 02) Knight to Queen's Bishop three
03) Pawn to Queen four 03) Pawn to Queen three
04) Bishop to Queen two 04) Knight to King five
05) Knight to Queen's Bishop three 05) Knight takes Bishop at Queen seven
06) Queen takes Knight at Queen two 06) Bishop to King's Bishop four
07) Pawn to King four 07) Bishop to King's Knight five
08) Pawn to King's Bishop three 08) Bishop to Queen two
09) CASTLE - Queen's side 09) Pawn to King four

I have achieved what I consider to be a strong opening. Not sure where I'm going from here. I have a number of possiblaties. I'll probably have to take the Pawn, or else the Knight will have a backed up advance. I'm taking a few days to consider my next move. Any ideas on the predicament would be welcolmed.

After much consideration the best option appers to be to take the pawn. Not taking it would probably have resulted in the pawn taking mine and threatening my knight from a protected square as well as boxing in the queen and castle. I had hoped to find a better move than that, but them's the breaks. :)

10) Pawn takes Pawn at King five 10) Knight takes Pawn at King four